Gender in Dance

There are 86 major national dance companies in the UK. Just a third are directed by women. 

This is a website dedicated to exploring the issue of sexism within contemporary dance.

It also investigates ways the media and press affect the popularity and successes of both genders and funding and commissions given to dance companies by the Arts Council England (ACE).

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What is the issue?


The contemporary dance industry is continuing to look alpha male. This is a sentiment held by many, and has led to events such as Dance Umbrella’s ‘Where are the women?’ debate in 2009, that kicked of a series of debates.

There’s a theory that women are more complicated in their ambitions, and less ruthless when it comes to networking, self-promotion and playing the system. Meanwhile, men are more confident, aggressive and assertive in pursuing choreography roles. Let’s find out if it is so.

Arts Council England – “It’s a complex issue and we’re talking to organisations and artists about it. The picture can change depending on the place and size of an organisation.”