Isaac Ouro

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I am a freelance Arts Journalist. Gender in Dance was part of an assessed university project which has evolved into a pet project.

I wish to keep exploring controversial topics in the dance industry with the hope of shedding some light on the art form.

When not interviewing, I research what is currently occurring in the debate, and review a range of shows, in order to explore the issues and concerns of female choreographers and practitioners. And also to act as a platform that generates debate, or knowledge about the debate.

I have been dancing for eight years. I have three years of training in hip hop and street dance. And have been self-taught since, going to classes and workshops once a while for the styles of street, lyrical hip hop and L.A. hip hop.

My love of the Contemporary art form has evolved from me being a bystander to being a practitioner. I’ve attended workshops from Dr. Angela Pickard (Canterbury Christ Church University), Juliette Irons (Freelance), Lee Griffiths & artists (The Company), and Tomislav English (Ultima Vez) to name a few.