June Recap: Dance Umbrella says Man Up

It’s that time once again and it’s been a bit of a quiet month. But it looks like the beacon has been passed onto Dance Umbrella to continue what seems to be the most active year for the gender inequality debate. 

Man Up. A saying itself quite charged with issues of gender prejudice. Though I suspect it was chosen for that very same reason.

Dance Umbrella is introducing yet another debate on the topic – Man Up: The Gender of Choreography. Is it time for quotas? (more…)

May Recap: Hundreds march on from The Bench

Time for a bit more digging! Quite a lot has occurred in May, and the words on everyone’s lips has been ‘The Bench’.

The three year programme has been developed as a response to the ongoing concerns about the lack of equality currently faced by female choreographers within the contemporary dance sector. (more…)

MCDC Triple Bill Review: A beautiful end to a fragmented night

MCDC (Michaela Cisarikova Dance Company) is an international dance company that embraces creativity and thinking outside the box. The brainchild of emerging choreographer Michaela Cisarikova, debuted a triple bill on Friday night (20th May) with all the right enticing ingredients. (more…)

April Recap: English National Ballet’s She Said shook up the status quo

And we’re back! I peruse the worldwide web and newspapers for interesting news (you might have missed) that may push the debate forward, and I guess you read! What’s gone on in April?

English National Ballet’s She Said sent a vital signal to the industry by being an industry first – female choreographers commissioned by ENB for the Spring bill. (more…)

March Recap: New satirical documentary shines new light on the debate

What’s been in the news in March? Unfortunately, it looks like another quiet one. Well, in terms of mainstream media. You’ll be happy to know a lot of practitioners have continued to be busy bodies behind the scenes!

The Justin Reeve Company have taken to satire to contribute to the debate. Smacks of Naff is a “documentary that follows 5 dance makers, their works, experiences and views”. (more…)

Phoenix Dance Theatre Presents Triple Bill 2016

The small pen meets the mighty giant. Heading into Watford Palace Theatre to digest Phoenix Dance Theatre’s triple bill, I felt the gravitas in the atmosphere. “35 years of excellence, diversity, and innovation” is no small feat. Nor is it something to take lightly in this sector.

The young Undivided Loves, created in February, is joined by fan favourite Melt on its fifth year touring, and Until.With/Out.Enough, created in 1997 and re-imagined in 2015. (more…)