Arts Council England

Where are the female choreographers?

A depleting number of recognised female choreographers has led to members of the industry asking: ‘Where are the female choreographers?’.

Leaders such as Fleur Darkin, choreographer and artistic director of Scottish Dance Theatre, famously said: “Institutions are biased against female achievement systematically, not because individuals are misogynist. It is the culture, not one thing”. (more…)

Is the arts council funding a gender divide?

Arts Council England rewarded many choreographers with funding in its 2015 settlement.

Contemporary dance artists such as Akram Khan, who received a 122% funding boost to over £500,000 a year, and Matthew Bourne, who has received £1.2 million for his company’s efforts with shows such as the Lord of The Flies, are at the forefront of commissioning. (more…)