Musings on Screwed: Day Two

Screwed, a three-night event at The Bunker Theatre promising “curious, (dis)honest and unhinged” performances, assured the audience of eclecticism. A buffet of relatively short dance pieces, if you will.

Curated by Orley Quick, the array of talent ranged from the theatrical to the bizarre (we’ll get into that later); and I had the opportunity to once again watch one of my favourite pieces this year – Orley Quick’s, and the Hairy Heroines’, brainchild As We Like It. Sadly unable to witness the opening and closing nights, I turned up with eager eyes on day two (Sunday 30 July). (more…)

Kaleidoscopic Arts Platform: Q&A

Kaleidoscopic Arts Platform is a new platform which aims to share and showcase creative projects and works by emerging female choreographers. Works range from physical and experimental dance, to dance theatre showcased in unique space not traditionally intended for dance.

Through this, the platform hopes to encourage intimate discussions with audiences about contemporary dance, but also to create and support a strong community of emerging female artists. (more…)

Kaleidoscopic Arts Platform: An emerging all-female stage

Male choreographers in the UK dominate the contemporary dance art. Due to this, female choreographers have been left in the shadows of the likes of Matthew Bourne and Akram Khan.

In retaliation, organisations such as the Kaleidoscopic Arts Platform have emerged to fight sexism within dance and provide a place for the under-represented to be seen and heard.

What makes Kaleidoscopic Arts Platform so unique? This company offers emerging female choreographers the means to showcase their work, and receive feedback but more so, this company is willingly fighting on the frontlines for feminism in dance. (more…)